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ETHERNET MODULE FOR D8XD / D16XD Panels & iComms aComms

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ETHERNET MODULE FOR D8XD / D16XD Panels & iComms aComms


The IP232 is an Ethernet to RS-232 Serial Port Bridge.

It may be used to connect any standard serial communications device such as a PC, an audio/video distribution system, or an Ness-M1 Control or Ness D8XD / D16XD, to an Ethernet network.

It allows bi-directional communication between the two. It operates as a network server, which means it does not initiate network connections, but rather, accepts them.

The IP232 is required to connect the D8XD / D16XD to the Ness aComms and iComms Apps or the Ness M1 Touchscreen to the Russound Audio Distribution system.

Includes RS232 cable to connect directly into the Ness D8XD and D16XD panels.

Ethernet module allows the Ness D8XD and D16XD panel to connect to the LAN and WAN for control but the SmartPhone Apps

Technical Features: 
Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C. Plug-in Power Supply**
Current Draw: approx. 135 mA
Dimensions: 3.85. L x 1.7. W x 0.93. D

Supplied With 
1 x 101-244 IP232 Ethernet Module
1 x 450-246 RS232 lead to connect to the D8XD /D16XD Panels,
1 x 450-185 RS232 lead to connect to D8X and D16X panels.

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